Woman Drowns in Prague While Playing GPS-Based Treasure Hunt

A young woman drowned and a man is missing after they were caught inside Prague’s drain system by torrential rains while geocaching.

They were among a group of four participating in the GPS-based treasure hunt when they became trapped in rising water after a storm.

“A woman was found dead in the Vltava and a man is still missing,” police spokesman Jan Rybansky said. The identity of the 27-year-old victim has not yet been confirmed by the coroner.

The other two members of the group managed to escape and were hospitalized.

The group were ‘geocaching’, a treasure hunt activity played by millions of people around the world. The aim of the game is to find a trinket or collectible that has been planted by another user which can then be found using a person’s smartphone GPS. A player will then tag the item on the geocaching app to say they have found it. 

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