Wizz Air Cancels Prague – London Luton Flights

Ryanair claims to have launched ‘rescue fares’ on seven routes to accommodate passengers hit by Wizz Air’s decision to suspend all routes to and from Odesa until June and the cancellation of its flights from London Luton to Prague and Oslo in May.

Its cheapest flights from London to Prague start at 655 CZK, although these operate from Stansted, not Luton.

The “rescue fares” are on sale now until midnight Sunday (16 Feb), only on the Ryanair.com website.

In a statement issued today, Wizz said: “Wizz Air’s London Luton-Prague and London Luton-Oslo routes will be discontinued from May, as the routes did not perform in line with our expectations.

London has been one of the most popular destinations for passengers traveling from Prague Airport. Last year, 1.35 million people traveled to “The Swinging City”.

“The capacity will be allocated to other routes in the upcoming period, as we are always assessing new opportunities that can best meet our customers’ needs.

“Passengers with bookings affected by this change are being informed and automatically offered an alternative flight schedule, provided full refunds, or offered 120% of the original fare in airline reservation credit.

“Wizz Air apologizes for any inconvenience these changes might have caused.”


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