Winter Hiking in the Czech Republic: The Best Places

There are four National Parks around the Czech Republic that are perfect for hiking regardless of the season. The bordering countries of the Czech Republic share these parks.

Šumava National Park

Known as the ‘Green Roof of Europe’, this park borders Germany to create the largest forest landscape in Europe. In place since 1991, this is the largest National Park in the Czech Republic. It has been a UNESCO-protected biosphere reserve since 1990. Areas above 1200m will experience severe ice or frost during winter months. Frost can even occur during summer months at higher altitudes. January is usually the coldest month.

There are 8 marked trails which weave throughout, and you can find detailed information on boards upon entry to the park from car parks.

Krkonoše National Park

Not only is Krkonoše National Park one of the most beautiful areas in the Czech Republic, but it’s also home to the country’s highest mountain range, the Krkonoše Mountains, and is listed as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve site.

The hiking trails here are idyllic in summer and weave you in and out of fresh-smelling meadows and fragrant forests that are brimming with colourful plant life. The diversity of animal life in the park is also fascinating, so keep your eyes peeled for bright butterflies and dragonflies, woodpeckers, storks, and owls.

Bohemian Switzerland National Park

This is the youngest national park in the Czech Republic and its biggest feature is Europe’s largest natural sandstone arch, Pravčická brána. Due to a climate phenomenon called climatic inversion, you may find valleys and gorges colder than higher slopes.

Hiking trails across the park are easily accessible from the nearby Hřensko.

The park has many hidden caves waiting to be discovered at ground level, but when you climb above the tree-tops to one of the park’s spectacular viewpoints, via one of the many carved staircases, is where this park really comes alive. The view is even better if you catch it at sunrise or sunset.

Podyjí National Park

This is the smallest national park in the Czech Republic. There are 76km of marked hiking trails to discover here. Once inaccessible due to the Iron Curtain, it’s been largely untamed and kept in its most natural state. It borders with Austria and forms Nationalpark Thayatal on the other side.

There are 6 trails available and features clear signposts. The First Zone, the most protected area of the park, is only accessible by the marked trails.

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