Winery of the Year Competition Awards Víno Kadrnka

Víno Kadrnka from Březí near Mikulov was named best wine of the year by the Czech Wine Association (Svaz vinařů České republiky) on Thursday.

The winery of Jindřich Kadrnka also won in the category of small wineries. In the category of medium winery succeeded Thaya while in the category of large winery Bohemia sekt.

The small family winery of Jindřich Kadrnka is famous for its regionally characteristic Rieslings. They are particularly proud of their vineyards, which they consider being the most valuable and important element of wine production.

It was the first time that the family business took part in the annual competition. Víno Kadrnka specialises in producing dry wines made from Rhine and Wallachian Riesling.

“Joy, satisfaction, and huge surprise and thanks to my whole family, without whom I wouldn’t be here today, making wine. But most importantly, our winery would not have won three wonderful awards,” said a touched Jindřich Kadrnka, owner of the winning winery.

The final evaluation was announced on the stage of the Brno Observatory and Planetarium under the direction of the moderator Marek Eben.

The medium producer category was won by Thaya, a winery from Havraník near the city of Znojmo. In the large winery category, the Bohemia Sekt winery took first place.

Nine wineries competed in the final round: the small wineries Plenér, Škrobák and Jindřich Kadrnka. The medium wineries were Thaya vinařství, Krásná hora and Vinné sklepy Kutná Hora. And finally the big Château Valtice – Vinné sklepy Valtice, Annovino vinařství Lednice  and Bohemia sekt.

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