At the beginning of every autumn, in towns and villages all across the Czech lands are held the traditional celebrations of the grape harvest, called “vinobraní” in Czech. At these festivals, one can indulge in a wide variety of fine food and local wine, take part in a Dionysian procession, and be entertained by traditional minstrels and modern rock musicians.

Wine-growing has a long tradition in the country, especially in the South Moravian Region. Around 94 % of Czech vineyards lie in Moravia, where the cultivation and harvesting of grapes are among the main components of local agriculture.

The most commonly grown grape varieties in the Czech Republic include Müller-Thurgau and Grüner Veltliner from the range of white grapes, Saint Laurent and Lemberger from the red grapes.

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The largest vinobraní within Prague takes place at:

  • Havlíčkovy Sady (Grébovka, September 21): numerous workshops, theatre performances for children, and concerts by popular Czech singers. Apart from wine tasting, you can also buy grape seeds to grow your own grapevine at home.
  • Prague Castle Gardens (September 14-15): the annual harvest celebration offers the opportunity of exploring various areas of the castle complex and a rich cultural program including traditional folk dances, historical fencing, and educational workshops for children.
  • Jiřího z Poděbrad Square (September 13-14): the annual harvest festival of Vinohrady will offer especially wines from smaller vineyards throughout Bohemia and Moravia, with the addition of a few foreign producers.
  • Mělník, about 35 km north of Prague (September 20-22): both Czech and foreign artists will make appearances on four themed stages. Wine and other gastronomic specialties can be enjoyed in the picturesque setting of the historic town center. You can also take a trip to the chateau in Mělník with the wine cellars of Jiří Lobkowicz.
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