Will Beer Bikes End in Prague?

Beer bikes are fun for tourists while it gives further complications to Prague citizens. Beer bikes can hold up to twelve people plus a bartender and a main driver (sober). The pedal bar has been a source of complaints for the past few months.

Prague police officers have said that beer bikes have been increasingly affecting other people. They have uncovered a total of 11 violations of the city’s law injunctions on banned places. 

The operation of beer bikes has been a trend not just in Prague, but in another European metropolis too. In Amsterdam, for example, their operation was banned in November last year. The City Council has now figured out how to remove beer bikes in Prague completely. According to the Act on Road Traffic, beer bikes classify as non-motorized. 

According to Jan Wolf of City Council, “at the moment, one of the possible solutions seems to me to ban this mode of operation in places where there is a ban on alcohol consumption in public areas. This solution would be accompanied by a simple enforcement by the Municipal Police”. 

Author: A.M.

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