Why Chartering a Yacht Or Catamaran in the Mediterranean Is Proving Popular With Czechs

The last few years have done nothing to dampen the Mediterranean’s popularity with holidaymakers. The combination of glorious weather, beautiful scenery and delicious cuisine has been drawing visitors from all over Europe for decades.

Amongst some of the most popular destinations are the many Mediterranean Islands dotted throughout the stunning blue sea. With islands belonging to Spain, Italy, and Greece, there are plenty to choose from, each introducing you to a slice of a different culture.

Why Czechs Love the Med

Although the Czech landscape is beautiful in its own right, with mountains and lakes that people travel from all over Europe to see, the one thing it is missing is a coastline. Luckily, they don’t have to travel too far to find one. Situated perfectly between the North Sea and the Mediterranean, Czech travellers can choose between rocky shores or sandy beaches, with many opting to travel south for better weather.

In fact, 2021 saw a 30% increase in Czech’s visiting the Spanish islands than in pre-pandemic times, with Mallorca the firm favourite.

Despite not having access to their own coastline, water sports are very popular amongst Czech nationals. Because the country has so many natural rivers and lakes, there are plenty of places to swim, windsurf, sail, and kayak. It’s only natural then that water-loving holidaymakers would want to take a vacation somewhere they can indulge in their passions.

Resorts along the Mediterranean Sea offer a huge variety of water sports for people of all levels of experience. There’s no better place to go if you want to experience an adrenalinefilled holiday amongst the waves. So naturally, Czechs gravitate towards these much-loved activities and embrace the opportunity to sail and swim in warmer climes.

As well as offering all the same water sports than you can find at home, Mediterranean resorts also have plenty of new things to try. Jet ski rental is very popular amongst visitors, and you can even take a scuba diving course to get your PADI qualification while on holiday. There’s also no shortage of banana boats and inflatable donut rides for those that just want to have a bit of fun.

Chartering A Yacht

Mallorca might be the most popular Spanish island, but the Greek and Italian offerings haven’t been short of visitors either. Czech visitors to Sicily have doubled, and Cyprus has seen the biggest growth in demand out of any Mediterranean Island.

But why have to pick one island to visit, when you can tour a group? Sailing holidays have become cheaper and easier to organise, thanks to online sites like Borrowaboat. By chartering your own yacht, you can choose where to visit and have the complete freedom to plan your own itinerary. Many can also come with a skipper, so you don’t have to be a sailing expert, and you’ll have instant access to someone with a font of local knowledge.

The Canary Islands are easily traversable by boat, giving you unique access to the different sights and cultures all in one trip. The Greek Islands are another popular destination for sailors, where island hopping is such a common occurrence that there are regular ferries. You’d be hard pushed to get around all 200 inhabited islands, but certain groups – the Cyclades, Ionians and Sporades are popular destinations – can be easily explored over a fortnight holiday.

There are plenty of travel companies that specialise in island hopping and sailing holidays, but the advantage of organising your own itinerary is that you can tailor it exactly to what you want to see. Most pre-organised trips focus on sightseeing, partying, or hitting the same popular restaurants. If you want a combination of the above, or to experience some of the more low-key sights, then doing it yourself is the best way.

If you’ve never chartered a yacht before and find the idea intimidating, don’t worry. Using an online rental site can take away a lot of the stress, because you know that all the boats listed are in good condition and inspected regularly. You can browse hundreds of online listings and filter your results by size, capacity, location, price, and more. This makes it really easy to find the perfect boat for your needs, whether that’s a day trip or a month-long vacation.

Because these boats are owned by individuals rather than large companies, the costs are often much lower. Rather than seeking to make a profit, yacht owners rent their vessels out to cover the costs while they aren’t using them themselves. It’s a win-win situation, because their boat gets paid for, and you get to enjoy a slice of luxury which would otherwise be unaffordable.


Chartering your own yacht for a sailing holiday is becoming a very popular way to spend the summer months and you can now rent vessels from all the most popular ports, including a number of sites in the Mediterranean. Czech visitors looking for some open sea water sports can rent one with ease and enjoy a once in a lifetime holiday cruising the ocean waves.

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