Which Film Holds the Status of “The Best Czech Comedy of the Century”?

Thanks to the audience vote, Marie Poledňáková’s What a Wonderful World with You was awarded this status. Now you can see for yourself whether the title is justified. 

This endearing winter retro flick is about to be screened on the silver screen with English subtitles on the 18th of January as a part of the “Some like it Czech” series.

Imagine a Czech who was born in 1900 and who has czexperience the entire 20th century. He entered his life as a peasant of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria, spent his youth as a citizen of the democratic Czechoslovak Republic, and then spent the next six years in fear for himself and his loved ones under the Nazi regime.

The year 1945 found him in the full vigor of his life and filled him with hopes for a full life … only to be disappointed 3 years later. And if he was lucky, at old age he lived to see the fall of totalitarianism and the restoration of freedom and democracy.   But there were always plenty of ways to entertain yourself in those days and not think about the real world out there.

Interesting books, revolutionary radio, the occasional cinema, and later black and white television and then the birth of TV shows. And when the year 1998 came, all those people who experienced all the horrible things got together and voted for the best comedy of the century. So, which film holds this status?

It was Marie Poledňáková’s film, who won the status of “the best comedy of the century” in an audience vote. This film is called WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD WITH YOU. And on the 18th of January, as part of the “Some like it Czech” screening series, you can see this movie back on a silver screen. And of course, with English subtitles. 

I Enjoy the World with You

It is a family comedy based on the motif of the “war of the sexes”. This movie (1999, watch the trailer) begins during the preparation of the annual and traditional “men’s trip” of three great friends to a cottage in the Beskydy Mountains. However, their plans are thwarted by their wives, who rebel and force them to take their children on holiday.

While you’ll shake your head in disbelief at some of their educational methods, these guys are convinced that their means are far superior to those of their wives’ and are determined to enjoy their holiday at any costs. Thanks to this little hut in a picturesque mountain setting with no electricity and especially the presence of the children, many opportunities for humorous situations arise. 

What certainly cannot be overlooked from today’s point of view is the low level of female emancipation in Czechoslovakia in the early 1980s the movie unwittingly reports on. But the most important motive of the movie is indisputable – it’s a family and the love for it – is why this film won the audience vote and it is popular even to this day.

After all, family is something that remains true and intact even after all the turbulent times of the 20th century, and people were reminded of that through this film. So, will this movie steal your heart too? Come and make your own opinion to the cinema Aero on the 18th of January.

I Enjoy the World with You

Some like it Czech aims to introduce Czech culture to expats living in Prague. Before each screening, these events are accompanied by a quick and witty introduction to help you better understand the context of the movie. Without any spoilers of course. This time, Prague-based university teacher Jorge Cooper will prepare an entertaining and educational introduction where you’ll learn more about raising children in the Czech Republic.

What else to expect? Besides the movie with English subtitles, there will be networking activities after the screening with a sublime reward for those who participate. Come and meet other expats, foreign exchange students or even Czech film enthusiasts who regularly visit the screening series or chat directly with the founders of the project about everything and anything that has to do with Czech culture and its film industry.

So, If you are feeling homesick or craving some heart-warming comedy that will take you back to your childhood, don’t hesitate and buy your tickets today.

If you want to know more about the event and the project itself, follow Some like it Czech on Instagram (@some_like_it_czech) or Facebook (@Somelikeitczech)

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