Which Creator Will Best Embody Dyzajn?

Dyzajn Market Summer will take place on June 27 and 28 in the space in front of the Industrial Palace in Prague’s Holešovice district.

It will introduce around 150 brands, mainly by Czech creators. You will be able to view and purchase authentic jewelry, clothing, fashion, and home accessories, natural cosmetics, porcelain, ceramics, backpacks, handbags, toys, books, candles, stationery, flowers grown in Czechia, or small items for pets.

The event’s aim is to show to the wider public that you can buy quality products locally, and what’s more – responsibly and consciously. 

This is why entry is free and, of course, accessible. Dyzajn Market is also for those who like to enjoy quality food, select coffee, and treats of all kinds. There will be twenty stalls offering refreshments. „Whether we will be able to sample foods directly at the event or not is changing constantly but from our experience, during Dyzajn Market’s last edition we know that the beautiful atmosphere of Dyzajn will be preserved whether we can eat there or not,“ says Olga Velíšková, the event’s lead organizer. For the first time this year, we will be able to experience not just Dyzajn market’s traditional program of a „local marketplace“, but also an exhibition titled ZtěleSNI Dyzajn (Embody Dyzajn).

ZtěleSNI Dyzajn (Embody Dyzajn)

Each Dyzajn market has had a unique dominant feature which only comes once a year. „The last edition of the market was built on the fact that supporting and meeting Czech creators is still meaningful, even with a face mask on,“ Velíšková says. The summer edition will be dominated by an exhibition called ZtěleSNI Dyzajn (Embody Design), which can be seen on both days between 10 am and 7 pm.

The exhibition will present nine designers, each of whom has created a product inspired by the topic of Dyzajn Market, its logo, the event’s team, or its main mission itself. „Visitors will vote for their favorite piece directly at the event. The designer of the winning product won’t be taking home a statuette or a prestigious title, but something quite practical for their life: free participation in our events for one entire year.  One of the visitors who casts a vote will also win a bag full of design – products from 30 designers, valued at 15 thousand CZK,“ Velíšková says about the event. „The exhibition will take place outdoors in an open space so there’s no need to worry about big crowds,“ she adds.

Fashion designers

For the first time this year, you will be able to try on clothes at Dyzajn Market. After a longer break, we can look forward to our favorite brands, such as Black Mountain, La Klara, Hank, Artgi, Fraise, Scura, Anna Janská, Olestars by Kristina Petkovic, eh sisters, Mikela da Luka, Zuzana Veselá, and many other. „Fashion shows are typically the dominant feature of the summer edition, but the protective measures keep changing and we can’t produce quality fashion shows at a day’s notice. Hopefully, we will be able to enjoy them again in the fall,“ Velíšková adds.

Details regarding the event, as well as the list of participants with photos of their creations, can be found here on Instagram, website or Facebook event page.


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