Which Countries Have The Largest Gaming Market?

Meta: Do you know which countries around the world have the largest gaming market? Read this article to find out more about these huge countries.

For many people around the world, gaming is a huge part of their life. However, for others, the thought of pulling out a video game and trying out the latest releases never even crosses their mind. In Prague, gaming is very popular, but is it as popular as other countries around the world like the USA? Read on to hear more about the countries with the largest gaming markets.

Czech Republic

When you compare the gaming market statistics around the world, the Czech Republic sits pretty low on the list. However, there are still millions of gamers in this country and the revenue that they generate for games companies is pretty high. As the years go on, however, this figure is expected to increase!

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Did you know that the gaming industry in China has an average revenue of 40,854M USD? This is a huge figure, but it is important to recognise just how big the overall population of China is. There are over 1.398 billion people living in China and many of these people play games every single day. Who knows what kind of revenue this country could start to generate in the future?


With a population of 67.9M people and a huge percentage of this population being online, gaming in the UK is huge. While the UK doesn’t quite match up to the likes of the USA and China, you’ll find that tons of players will spend their free time visiting a casino UK based or enjoying the latest Nintendo release!


It will come as no surprise that the USA is on our list of one of the biggest gaming markets around the world. In fact, the USA come in second place just under China with a massive population and a huge gaming revenue overall. According to recent reports, the gaming revenue coming from the USA is over 36,92M USD! With over 283M people using the internet, it won’t be long before this revenue starts to build.


Considering so many of the leading games developers hail from Japan, you might be thinking that Japan is at the top of the list. However, China and the USA both come in above Japan in terms of the size of the gaming market. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a huge population of players and a lot of revenue coming from this market in Japan, though. The expected revenue for the Japanese gaming market sits at 18,683M USD.

Keep An Eye Out

Many of these countries have large gaming markets due to the size of their population. However, we are seeing some other countries like Germany moving up and really growing their markets over recent years. Make sure to keep an eye on some of these countries to see just how popular gaming is. We expect 2021 to be a big year for gaming industries around the world so make sure to keep your finger on the pulse.

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