Where to Shop Zero-Waste in Prague? 

zero waste in prague

The growing demand in the market has created room for a new type of service, such as zero-waste shops.

To buy goods in these stores means to shop environmentally friendly products and make a massive difference to the collective global footprint.

Zero waste shops have gained popularity in the past few years with a growing understanding of plastic pollution, waste issues, and global warming.

Do you also think that there are too many packages, and do you want to try a change? Life without waste and excess plastic is not so tricky anymore – you can find several shops in Prague where you can buy zero-waste products for your household and yourself.

What do you need to prepare for shopping in a zero-waste shop?

More than with other purchases, it is essential to decide at home what and how much you want to buy. Why? Firstly, to have somewhere to store the goods. There is usually no other packaging in the store than the ones you bring.

Containers can be different – sacks, glass bottles, plastic cans, or cans in which you store spilled rice or flakes at home. Secondly, we prevent unused food from ending up in the trash by buying only what we need.

Be prepared because the price may be higher for some products than what we are used to when compared to supermarkets. Large stores often buy goods in much larger quantities than these small zero-waste stores, as a result of which, for example, they have free transport or other discounts – allowing them to go with lower prices.

Besides, zero-waste stores usually strive for food quality such as organic products or products from small farmers, which are naturally more expensive. But this allows you to support small farmers and producers who grow and produce their products with love. Although it may not seem like it at first glance, you will save money and time.

Zero-waste shopping goes hand in hand with changing your own shopping habits. You buy more basic groceries, buy larger supplies and avoid frequent purchases. It is regular shopping that unknowingly entices us to spontaneous actions and investments of things that we don’t need at all

Where to shop zero-waste in Prague?


Pod kaštany 182/5, 160 00 Prague 6
Radhošťská 2278/1, 130 00, Prague 3
Sokolovská 351/25, 186 00, Prague 8

Bezobalový koloniál jelen

Mečislavova 225, 140 00, Prague 4


Jaromírová 16, 128 00, Prague 2
Slavíková 4, 130 00, Prague 3


Nitranská 918/14, 130 00 Prague 3


Budějovická 1667/64, 140 00 Prague 4
Na Pankráci 86, 140 00 Prague 4

Naber si – bez obalu

Dukelských Hrdinů 909/50, 170 00 Prague 7

Bezobalový obchod Zemi Dluh

Vysočanské nám. 214/1, 190 00 Prague 9

Koloniál Sova

Michelská 479/117, 140 00 Prague 4


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