Where to Go for the Best Větrník in Prague

In Bohemia and Moravia, tarts, pastries, and other sweet foods have always been popular. You should also definitely try the Czech version of French profiteroles, known by the name větrník, filled with caramel and icing.

Everybody becomes weak and forget about any good new year resolution to lose weight or to go on diet when facing this beautiful choux cake. Here’s the list of places in Prague where you can try it:


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Ať žije sladký víkend! ❤️ Už víte, s kým si u nás tentokrát smlsnete? #cukrarnamysak

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Už jste ochutnali náš největrníkovatější větrník?! ???

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Větrník&aperol spritz ☀️?? #welovecafecafe #cafecafeprague

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Prý, že máme nejlepší vĕtrník v @cafe.milleme

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