Where to Find the Cheapest Pilsner in Prague

Cheapest Pilsner in Prague

A well-chilled Pilsner beer is slowly becoming a luxury. You can pay around CZK 60 for a pint in Prague restaurants these days.

However, it can be expected that this year the price may climb to CZK 70. There is no need to despair yet though because we have found six establishments where you can pay around CZK 50 for a pint of your favourite drink from Pilsen!

Stará Ořechovka

The residential district of Ořechovka with its millionaire villas hides a literal piece of pub history. Here you can enjoy traditional drownings or pickled ermine in addition to good beer. You pay CZK 54 for a Pilsner here!

Hostinec Drinopol

For the next place, you must go to Břevnov. You will find the Hostinec Drinopol right by the tram stop of the same name, which can come in handy when you leave, especially if you go a little overboard with your favourite drink. As well as the CZK 51 Pilsner, you will be pleased to know that the cooking is great and the portions are huge.

Restaurant Ladronka

The Ladronka restaurant is located in Košíře (Prague 5) directly below the park that it is named after. In this place, you can be sure that you will always get a great beer and they will offer you something good to eat for a nice price. Here, you can enjoy a pint of Pilsner for just CZK 48!

Restaurant U Dandů

Another great place you can find in Vinohrady, a short walk from  Náměstí míru. There are not many affordable restaurants left in this upscale residential area, which makes the local pubs all the rare – like U Dandů, where you can find Czech classics and friendly service.
You can get a large Pilsner here for CZK 52.

Restaurant Na Pěšinách

A short walk from the Kobylisy metro stop is a restaurant where you will find not only Czech classics on the menu but also a real specialty: the Olomouc tvarůžky, a cheese with a very strong scent, distinctive pungent taste and yellowish colour. It would be best if you asked the staff directly for them. And the beer? You can get Pilsner here for CZK 49.

Restaurant U Glaubiců

The U Glaubiců Restaurant is located in a historical house of the same name close to St Nicholas Church on Malostranské náměstí (‘Lesser Town Square’), and its beer tradition goes back a long way. On the premises, you will find the restaurant itself, a street café, a lounge and, most importantly a beer-cellar over 700 years old. Pilsner is on tap and you can get it for CZK 43!

Do you have any tips for other restaurants with an affordable Pilsner in Prague? Let us know!


Restaurant Na Křižovatce

A restaurant with 22 years of tradition, you can find about 15 types of different dishes every day, prepared exclusively from fresh Czech producers. Pilsner on tap is offered for CZK 47!

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