Where to Find Classic Czech Desserts With a Modern Twist in Prague

If you’ve spent time on the Old Town Square or pretty much anywhere with an abundance of tourists in Prague, you will certainly have seen trdelník sold on every street corner. These chimney cakes are everywhere and have become an unbefitting symbol of the city to tourists. These trdelník may look nice on your Instagram feed, but they’re overpriced and they’re not even Czech. If you want to try real Czech desserts and pastries that are just as Instagram-worthy, check out Cukrář Skala in the New Town. 

Cukrář opened in December 2017, and have been serving up delicious and beautiful desserts for almost a year now. Whether you choose a classic cream roll, the colourful punčák sponge cake, or my personal favourite, the cognac peak, you’re guaranteed a delicious treat made from 100% natural ingredients. 

The genius behind these sweet creations is world-class Czech pastry chef, Lukáš Skála. Skála has achieved success in many international competitions, including the gold medal at the confectionary Olympiad in Erfurt. Skála has always been inspired by desserts, and has readapted many of his father’s old recipes, who was also a pastry chef. Skála has travelled a lot and has gained inspiration for his creations all over the world, but still remains loyal to his Czech origins, and focuses primarily on creating delicious Czech desserts here in Prague.

As mentioned before, all the cakes are 100% natural and the chefs do not use any artificial flavourings. But how is it possible that he only uses natural ingredients and the desserts are still affordably priced? The concept of Cukrář stores is that you cannot dine inside, so there is more production space and therefore the produce can be sold at a lower price. 

With Christmas coming up, you can also buy traditional festive Czech pastries with no artificial additives. The famous Christmas Vánočka cake is currently available to order online and buy in stores. The Christmas biscuits, however, were so popular and there were so many pre-orders that it would have been impossible to make them all. So instead, you can buy the special cookie dough and make your own Christmas biscuits from the comfort of your own home. A fun Christmas activity for the whole family!

The main store with a wide range of eighty products is situated in Šporkovský Palace, V Celnici 5. There, you can also order custom-made cakes for various occasions. There is also the confectionary boutique at Dlouhá 39 which focuses mainly on the classic Czech cream rolls. 

Author: Holly Webb

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