Where to Eat in Prague After Midnight, When Everything Else is Closed

Are you hungry and going out to party? These 9 places in Prague will save you even at midnight! Here is a list of convenient food restaurants that are definitely affordable for your pockets:

1. Jídelna Marjánka – A dining room open for 24 hours. It’s a great place to stop by, especially after bars, clubs, and discos.

2. Žrasso Letná (Nonstop) – Formerly known as Nonstop, Žrasso is a coveted place perfect if you are looking for a meal around Letná. It is a fast food restaurant where you can find mainly burgers and other basic foods you’ll definitely crave after party!

3. Pizza Borsalino – This pizzeria located in Ostrovni Street is a legendary place to get your pizza cravings. Open from Monday-Sunday 11:00-5:00.

4. Pizza a gyros Pigy – Located in Spálené, right next to Burrito Loco. Their falafels and fried chicken are both definitely a must-try! Open 24 hours.

5. Yes Burger – Another great fast food restaurant that’s open for 24 hours. Their burgers can definitely save you from a bad hangover! Elvis Burger is a must-try! 

6. Roma Uno Pizzeria – Located near Jiřáku at Žižkov area. Also open for 24 hours. Offers dining inside or just take your food to go before hopping on to the metro!

7. Burrito Loco – A classic fast food restaurant that every young people love! Open Monday-Friday from 7:00-6:00.

8. Restaurace U Havrana – Great restaurant located near I. P. Pavlova. They also serve beer and have great sittings for those trying to dine in. Open Monday-Friday 16:00-3:00 and Saturday 18:00-5:00

9. Crazy Wok – Perfect fast food restaurant for a quick meal or a late night snack. Fresh, fast noodles and rice ready to order. Open Monday-Saturday until 3 am and Sunday until midnight. 

Author: A.M.

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