Where to Buy Sparkling Wines for Christmas and NYE in Prague

wine in prague

No matter what the occasion, sparkling wine always fits the bill. Whether brunching with friends, giving a holiday gift, or simply enjoying a glass at home after a long day at work, sometimes, a bottle of bubbly is all you need. 

In the past, sparkling was considered a wine defect. The involuntary “eruption” of one bottle in the cellar often gave rise to a chain reaction. Many wineries have lost up to 20% of their wine reserves due to such incidents.

When champagne was first produced, the pressure of the sparkling wine was maintained by wooden plugs sealed with oil cloth and wax.

This method proved inconsistent either from leaking or blowing out of the stopper and a method of restraining the corks using cord was developed. In 1844, Adolphe Jacquesson invented the more secure method involving steel wire, however, the early muselets were not easy to install and proved somewhat inconvenient to open.

Further developments led to the modern muselet which is made of steel wire twisted to add strength and with a small loop of wire twisted into the lower ring which can be untwisted to release the pressure of the muselet and give access to the cork.

Sparkling wine is typically drunk not only on New Year but also on Christmas. The Prague store LÁHVE: brought new brands from France and Italy, from three French and three Italian producers: Anna Spinato, Bonelli, Ninot, Rivarose, Casa Piazza, Eric Legrand.

Anna Spinato (Italy)

Family winery located in the Veneto region. In 1952, the company was founded by Pietro Spinato and named after his daughter. They specialize in the production of sparkling wines typical of the region, such as Valdobbiadene, Prosecco, Raboso and Malanotte.

Anna Spinato wines have won many awards at international competitions and are loved by people all over the world.

In the LÁHVE: store you can find six brands. The most titled of them is MOSCATO SPARKLING DOC (seven gold awards of prestigious international competitions):

If you want to surprise your guests with an unusual type of drink, we recommend taking a closer look at RABOSO SEMI SPARKLING IGT – this is a red sparkling wine that gives a beautiful ruby-purple foam when bottled:


Eric Legrand (France)

This family-run winery is located in the historic Champagne region. The tradition of winemaking originated in the family in 1894.

They produce wine only from grapes grown in their own vineyards. LÁHVE: brought three brands of champagne from Eric Legrand. All of them have been awarded medals at the prestigious Decanter, Concours Général Agricole and Gilbert & Gaillard contests.


Rivarose (France)

This Winery from Provence traces its history back to 1909. It is the largest producer of sparkling wines in the Mediterranean area.

In 1998, Rivarose became part of the Piffaut Vins et Domaines group. LÁHVE: brought two brands of Rivarose sparkling wine to Prague – white and rosé.


Veuve Ambal (France)

This winery is located in Burgundy. It was founded in 1898 by Anna-Maria Ambal, the widow of a famous Parisian banker. Now the sixth generation of winemakers are working in the family house Veuve Ambal.

LÁHVE: brought two brands of NINOT sparkling wine to Prague – white and rosé.

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