Where Else to Learn Czech Rather Than at Charles University?

Do you want to speak Czech properly? Do you want to understand what is really going on in Prague? Want to learn from the best?

If you answered “yes” once, then Charles University is for you. Starting from September 2019, Charles University (ILPS) will offer an intensive Czech language course.

The building is located five minutes by tram from the city center and at the same time, in a calm area of Prague’s Albertov. The courses have been attended by more than one hundred thousand students from over 80 different countries.

Students are offered a rich program outside of the classroom. Waiting for you are concerts, theater performances, and other social events where you can train your Czech knowledge.

All of this will be under the supervision of qualified and experienced lecturers of Charles University. The number of places is limited.

For more information, please visit this website

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