When Do You Need Immigration Services? 

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The immigration process is a complex one, especially since you’ll be finding yourself in the middle of complicated immigration laws, requirements, and procedures you have to abide by.

While you can always try to go through immigration on your own, it’s undeniable that you’ll have to suffer a great deal of stress and hassle while you’re doing so. With a bunch of paperwork, you have to oversee and make sure you meet all the qualifications for the benefits you’re planning to avail of — juggling all these together can be frustrating, to say the least. 

Fortunately, immigration services from total law can walk you through how to get US citizenship or visas without going through the unnecessary hassle. As immigration lawyers, they’re well-versed in communicating what you need in your application and answering any of your concerns during the process. 

If you’re still unsure about hiring an immigration lawyer, listed below are some of the instances that can signify when you truly need to seek the help of immigration services. 


If You’re Confused By Your Options

Suppose you are an employer looking to hire workers or an employee. A worker can be eligible for various green cards or visas, but the challenge is determining which one is best to get. Immigration lawyers, through the help of immigration services can help both the employee and the worker come to a well-informed decision regarding which visa is suitable for the worker’s eligibility and employer’s needs. 

Some instances like this can also arise in other types of family-based or visa situations. One example of which is an engaged person choosing to either get married first, then enter the US or secure a visa first then apply for a green card later. Immigration services can help you quantify or gauge which choice is more advantageous so that you won’t run into unnecessary problems later on. 


If You’re A US-Based Employer Looking to Hire Overseas Workers 

As a business owner, the majority of your time is spent overseeing business operations — not catching up on the latest laws of immigration. Hiring Foreign workers for your company can be a difficult burden to take upon yourself, especially since so many requirements and procedures need to be done. Moreover, you also have to deliver all of these within a set deadline and timeframe, increasing your chances of risking a mistake or error. 

Immigration services allow you to focus on your job by letting them handle all the work for you. They can take care of accomplishing all the required forms and ensuring that there are no overlooked errors that can be detrimental to the hiring process. 


If You Are In Court Proceedings. 

If you have been or are currently in immigration court proceedings, having an immigration lawyer proves to be an absolute necessity. As long as the proceedings aren’t finished or are still on appeal, the entirety of your situation is lent to the courts, with which they will deal accordingly. Though proceedings may be over, you must ask a reliable lawyer if the outcome can potentially affect the current state of your application. 


If You Can’t Handle the Paperwork 

US immigration applications always involve filling out many forms and paperwork alongside gathering all the necessary documents to prove that you’re eligible for a specific benefit. You will also need to be cautious in following specific and detailed instructions along the way. One mistake can already ruin the whole process, resulting in your application getting delayed, returned, or worse: rejected. 

Immigration lawyers are already experienced with dealing with paperwork, so they have sufficient knowledge and established systems to deal with this matter with utmost efficiency. They also utilize computer programs with which they can simply input your information and print out hard copies of the form in an instant. Immigration lawyers are worthwhile for your peace of mind. 


If You’re Experiencing Delays 

Another common situation that prompts people to seek lawyers is the USCIS failure to approve or act on the application because of reasons that concern bureaucracy rather than law. There may also be inevitable delays caused by mistakes, and unfortunately, these things are far too common in the immigration process. 

While lawyers do not have enough power in such situations, they still have access to inquiry lines where they can gain valuable information about problematic or delayed cases. They might also experience a bit of trouble along the way when it comes to getting answers to their inquiries, but this is better than waiting in vain for nothing at all. 

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