What’s On in Prague This Week

Enjoy the last days of hot and sunny weather in Prague while celebrating grape harvest in many wine festivals around the city and take advantage of international mobility days while many streets in Prague will host neighborhood festivals.

September 17
Mexican festival – La fiesta Mexicana on the rooftop of Harfa gallery
When: 5p.m. – 9p.m.

September 17
”Burčák” on the Lucerna rooftop
CZK 150, buy your tickets in advance

September 17
Pinot swing – wine & music festival in Vinograf
When: 5p.m. – 1op.m.
Where: Senovàžné nám. 23

September 18 – September 25
Febio fest – 27th Prague international film festival. The best films and documentaries of the last years.
Where: Cinema city Slovanský dům

September 18 – September 20
Grape harvest celebration in Kunratice. 10th edition of wine fest. Great wine, food, music, performance for kids, workshops, and much more.
Where: Za Parkem – Prague Kunratice

September 19
Zažít město jinak – The different city experience
Neighbourhood celebration in Kampa, Žižkov, Vinohrady, Náplavka etc. Many streets in Prague will be closed for cars and open for people – program completely prepared by locals.

September 19
Růžový Máj (Pink May) reloaded – celebration of rosé wines. Degustation of rosé wines, live ‘cimbálovka’, jazz.
When: 10a.m. – 10p.m.
Where: Various locations: Náplavka, Prague market, Holešovice

September 19 – September 20
Wine fest in Grébovka
When: noon – 10p.m.
Where: Havlíčkovi sady, P2

September 19
Terralona in Černínský palace. You can see a unique model of our planet in the garden of the palace (10m).

September 19
La Kermesse – mexican fair in Naprstek museum.
When: 11a.m. – 9:30p.m.

September 19
Karlínské pivobraní – beer fest in Karlín. Beer and food degustation, proframm for kids, music.
Where: Pivo Karlin, Pernerova 42

September 12 – September 20
European heritage days. You may visit many heritage for free or reduced prices.

September 19- September 20
Pivobraní in Letňany – beer fest.
Beer, concerts, theatre for kids, laser show, firework and more.



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