What to Do in Prague This Weekend, September 10-12

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The best day of the week is here and no doubt you’re all getting ready for another stonkingly good weekend in Prague!

Zažít Americkou Jinak 2021

  • WHEN: 11 September
  • WHERE: Americká and Záhřebská streets
  • PRICE: Free

Meet the neighbours, taste traditional Mexican cuisine, listen to Czech and expat DJs and bands. Between 11 am and 10 pm Americká and Záhřebská streets will turn into a carnival alive with music, dance, theatre, activities for kids and great food. Free entry.

Dyzajn Reborn

  • WHEN: 11-12 September
  • WHERE: náměstí Václava Havla, Prague 1
  • PRICE: Free

The event comprises 150+ local designers and culinary artists. You will get a chance to see and buy jewellery, accessories, handbags and backpacks, art objects, porcelain, decoration, fashion toys or stationery.

Troja Wine Festival

  • WHEN: 11 September
  • WHERE: U Trojského zámku 1, Prague 7
  • PRICE: 90-200 czk

Prague’s Troja district is known for its vineyards and winemaking has a long tradition there. Since 1999 the City District Prague-Troja in cooperation with the Prague City Gallery has organized here the traditional celebrations of wine and young wine.

Nomad Beer Festival

  • WHEN: 10-11 September
  • WHERE: Bubenské nábřeží 306/13, Prague 7
  • PRICE: Free. For beer tasting it is necessary to buy a beer festival glass for 100 czk (for seniors for 70 czk).

Nomadic or gypsy breweries are breweries that do not have their manufacturing premises. A lot of the time, they are established by beer enthusiasts who do not have enough resources to build their brewing premises, so they rely on the capacities of other breweries to use their brewing facilities. They can either create the beer themselves or with the assistance of the brewmaster.

Future Gate

  • WHEN: 15-20 September
  • WHERE: Vodičkova 36, Prague 1
  • PRICE: Free

The largest sci-fi film festival in the Czech Republic.

Czech Design Week

  • WHEN: 10-12 September
  • WHERE: Václavské náměstí 28, Prague 1
  • PRICE: Free
A curated design show presenting the work of representatives of the independent scene. Emphasis is placed primarily on authenticity and personal approach. The exhibitors include professional designers as well as students, companies, and studios.

Festival BEERS and BURGERS

  • WHEN: 12 September
  • WHERE: Karlínské náměstí, Praha 8
  • PRICE: Free. For beer tasting it is necessary to buy a beer festival glass for 100 czk

The sixth annual Beer and Burger (‘Pivo a Burger’) Festival will return to Karlínské náměstí on Sunday, September 12 from 11 am. A total of 25 burger stands will be operating throughout the day, including many of the Czech favorite food trucks and burger joints.


  • WHEN: 11 September
  • WHERE: Podolské nábřeží 3, Praha 4
  • PRICE: Free

Wide selection of rums, seminars and workshops, Latin American music, Caribbean cuisine specialities and rum cocktails

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