What to Do in Prague This Weekend, July 9-11

what to do in prague this weekend

The best day of the week is here and no doubt you’re all getting ready for another stonkingly good weekend in Prague!


Cider Fest

  • WHEN: Saturday 10-20, July
  • WHERE: Smíchovská náplavka, Prague 5
  • PRICE: Free admission
Taste more than 15 brands of both domestic and foreign ciders. The festival will also include stalls where you can buy excellent dishes including Italian or Tyrolean sausages, cheese, grilled seafood, or meat specialties.


Magic Fountain: The Dream of František Křižík

  • WHEN: July 9 and 10
  • WHERE: Křižík’s Fountain, Exhibition Grounds, Prague 7
  • PRICE: 850-1150 CZK via GoOut

The creator of the arc lamp or the light fountain in Prague’s Holešovice, František Křižík, would have been very happy this year, eighty years after his death. He had personally turned it on 130 years ago. The fountain has been out of order since 2017.

That is why a magnificent show called The Magic Fountain – The Dream of František Křižík is being created, which will light up the lost glory of the previously popular fountain with the help of fire and electricity.


Za dveřmi

  • WHEN: From July 8 to July 15
  • WHERE: Various location
  • PRICE: Voluntary donations

Street theatre festival “Za dveřmi” (Behind the Door) brings a countless number of priceless moments to children and adults, citizens and tourists – because street theatre doesn’t know limits of language or age.

The festival will run from July 8 to July 15 and will show off the creations of Czech artistic ensembles as well as groups from Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, and Poland. The 13th edition of Za dveřmi will offer over 35 theater performances, concerts, and street performances.

  • WHEN: July 8
  • WHERE: Smíchovská náplavka
  • PRICE: 190 CZK
On Saturday, July 10, Prague’s Smíchovská náplavka will be the venue for the largest summer freestyle show, COOLIFE FREESTYLE FEST. The Czech freeskiing team and other legends of this sport, such as Robin Holub and Marek Skála, who represented the Czech Republic at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, will perform on the ramp built in the middle of the Vltava.
There will also be famous Czech snowboarders like Láďa Hrstka and Kristian Salač, while Petr Civín will perform the FlyBoard Show.


  • WHEN: July 1 – July 11
  • WHERE: Forum Karlín, Pernerova 53, Prague 8
  • PRICE: 295 CZK-345 CZK

Forum Karlin hosts a unique, multi-dimensional exhibition of impressionists, accompanied by 3D sound. Over 2000 square meters the masterpieces of famous impressionists, including Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir, Degas, Signac and Kubista, are presented in projections complemented by surround sound effects.


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