What to Do in Prague This Weekend, August 13-15

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The best day of the week is here and no doubt you’re all getting ready for another stonkingly good weekend in Prague!

Víno na Střelečáku

  • WHEN: August 13-14
  • WHERE: Střelecký ostrov
  • PRICE: Free

Střelecký Ostrov will turn into an island of wine on Friday and Saturday. You can taste wines from South Moravia and abroad. and listen to live music in the afternoon and evening. The event starts on Friday at 2.30 pm and ends on Saturday at 10 pm.

Meeting of cultures in Kyje

  • WHEN: August 14
  • WHERE: Parish garden in Kyje
  • PRICE: Free

Are you a music fan? Then you might be interested in this event. In the parish garden near the Church of St. Batholomew, will take place a series of concerts from 4 pm to 9 pm. You can listen to Balkan and Romani rhythms, Slovak and Ukrainian folk, or to original music with elements of African, Mongolian, and black culture.

Letni Letna

  • WHEN: August 12 – August 31
  • WHERE: Letná Parks
  • PRICE: Free

A unique line-up of international contemporary circus stars, the largest festival of Czech circus and theatre companies, clown shows, open-air performances, concerts, film screenings, workshops, and extensive programs for kids.


  • WHEN: August 13
  • WHERE: Křižík Fountain
  • PRICE: CZK 599
Claptone is a German DJ and producer DUO which specializes in house and tech house genres. They are recognizable by their plague doctor-style golden mask, which serves to intrigue the public as well as keeping their identity hidden. It was widely believed that Claptone is a single person, but after the public realized that Claptone often performed at two venues at once, the rumor started to spread that Claptone was two individuals. Claptone has performed at iconic venues including Hï Ibiza, Pacha and Tomorrowland.

Latino Fest

  • WHEN: August 14
  • WHERE: Smíchovská náplavka
  • PRICE: Free
Smichov riverfront will host a Latino Fest on Saturday 14th of August. Come and taste Mexican burrito, tacos, shredded pork, Spanish paella, Brazilian feijoada, Venezuelan arepas or empanadas, juicy churasco, Argentinian steaks or Cuban sandwiches. You can take home South American wines, Peruvian pisco or fruit cocktails from exotic fruits.
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