What the Easing of Restrictions Means for Sportspeople

czech sport covid restrictions

The government met this morning to discuss further relaxation of the anti-epidemic measures.

Ministers decided to take the country from level four to level three on the government’s PES system of coronavirus measures.

Fans will not be allowed to return to Czech stadiums to watch sporting matches until the government decides to move to the second stage of the PES. Even then, the number of spectators “will be limited”.

From December 3rd, amateur athletes will be able to play in indoor halls in a group of maximum ten people. Outdoor, two teams will be able to compete together. Amateur athletes need to wear a face mask indoors.

Fitness centers and gyms need to respect the same rule as in the shops – one person per fifteen square meters. “Group fitness lessons are allowed for 9 people plus the instructor,” said Havlíček.

Everyone needs to wear a face mask indoors.  The exception will be only for professional athletes who are regularly tested. The limit on the number of people is one person per 15 square meters.

Sports facilities such as tennis courts are also open again as long as games only involve two participants.

PES System

PES is one of the tools for evaluating and solving the covid-19 epidemic in the Czech Republic. The main goal of the new PES assessment is to increase the readability and predictability of the current epidemiological situation.

The measures taken will be linked to 5 basic levels of preparedness, levels according to the values ​​of the risk index.

The PES clearly shows the current situation in individual regions and at the same time shows whether the citizens should prepare for the loosening or tightening of the established measures.

The evaluation takes place on a scale of 0 – 100%, where 0% does not represent any risk, 100% the highest risk.

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