What Should I Watch on Netflix Czech Republic?

Streaming services literally created a storm in the world of entertainment, and they literally challenged the traditional mode of entertainment. Netflix created storms and took the driver’s seat. According to available data Netflix reported a massive 73.28 million streaming subscribers across the United States till the second quarter of the year 2022.

The waves in the US reached the Czech republic too. Are you a fan of Check Culture? Do you know the burning of the witches? Whatever way you associate yourself with Czech culture, it is interesting. Talk about  Films? Yes, they are available on The PirateBay. Let’s try to know what you should watch on Netflix.

Movies to get “Czech” Mate 

Like all other European nations, Czech movies follow a culture of movies. They are, like the French, the British, and Austria, the connoisseurs of art. They can boast of high-quality movies that comply with the standards. Let’s discuss the top movies that you could watch.

1. Kolya 1996

The highly emotional movie is portrayed in the backdrop of the last days of the Communist regime and the father-son relationship between Louka and Kolja; Louka lost his job at the Czech Philharmonic orchestra. In utter destitute, he goes on to marry a Soviet woman with the intention of getting some money and property.

The women moved to West Germany and left behind Kolja, their five-year-old son. The film brilliantly shows the emotional chords that do not recognize vocal cords (in different languages, Czech and Russian).

2. Bikers, 2017

The film has a somewhat far-off connection with the American film American Pie and Eurotrip. Here, Patric, an energetic divorcee, is tormented by his fourteen-year son David (mentally upset). David confined himself to RPGs in dark rooms. In order to cure his son, he goes to coerce his girlfriend Tereza to take him on a 200m bike. A beautiful story develops here. A must-see movie.

3. Cozy Dens, 1999

This is indeed a masterpiece in its own realm. The film projects the lives of ordinary families that deal with issues like intergenerational conflicts. This mosaic movie creates a meandering of thoughts and understanding.

At the different junctures of the movies, the terrible political and ideological thoughts and beliefs collide on simple affairs (like the melting of plastic spoons). Historical perspective is provided in some simple everyday events. Here lies the mastery of the plot.

4. Loners 

This one is a comedy classic and easily finds a place among the favorites. The story deals with the issue of love in modern societies. The film is a testimony to the fact that love in the modern generation fails to fit into the template of the norms set by their parents.

5. The Snowdrop Festival 

This Netflix film is a pictorial representation of the book with the same title, written by Bohumil Hrabal. A simple village tale where people were shown engaged in petty scuffles, with a boar getting shot by a haunting association and dying on the territory of another haunting association.

This is a light story weaved and embroidered in comedy, and surely you will be lifted by the gestures and simplicity. That’s the magic with simplicity. You know it’s not easy to be simple.

6. The Elementary School 

The movie has quite an interesting storyline. This is set in World WarII. In the movie, the main protagonist is ten-year-old Eda Souček, who moved from the city to the suburbs. In the film, it was shown that the class gets a new teacher (Hnízdo) after the former teacher breaks forms and suffers a mental breakdown.

The new teacher, in order to tame the group of mischievous boys, told them stories of the waterfront. Hnízdo was driven out of some charges, but the students followed behind him. The teacher was finally compelled to return back and make things lenient for the class.


In conclusion, it could be said the Netflix series discussed above are all of high quality. Though all of them are different in their subject matter, theme and temperament, there is one thing in common. Quality. All the movies discussed above leave deep marks on the heart of the viewers. So don’t stop here; start watching them get close to the Czech Republic.

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