What Paper Should Be Translated Before Trip

Are you planning a trip abroad? Are you worried about all the travel documents you need to get before you start from home? It’s all a little confusing if you don’t have proper guidance.

Planning ahead is always a good idea. I have written this article to assist you in obtaining and translating the documents you need before travelling to a different country.

A travel document is defined as “an authentic instrument issued by a foreign state for the purpose of travelling abroad”. These documents are made in correspondence to international customs and travel laws.

Each country has a list of travel documents that are required for you to produce before you travel. In this article, we will be going over the general documents that are common for international travel to all countries, including those that need to be translated.

Here are the most important documents you need before travelling abroad:

  • Identity card for EU citizens or other ID proof;
  • Certificates;
  • Licenses;
  • Foreign passport with territorial validity for all countries;
  • Travel visa for the destination country if it cannot be issued on arrival;
  • Air or train tickets, if applicable;
  • Proof of accommodation bookings, depending on the destination country;
  • COVID-19 travel requirements like test reports and vaccination certificates;
  • Foreign currency; and more.

Apart from these, a traveler may require travel itinerary details, travel insurance documents, event tickets, photographs, travel documents of a parent in case they are a minor, copies of all documents, etc. You may also need translation services on hand during international travel. If you’re traveling to a Spanish-speaking country, there are English to Spanish translation service available online. Their experts can translate and certify your documents 24/7.

Your documents are considered invalid if:

  • They are expired. This is possible for passports and Visas;
  • They are damaged to the extent of illegibility;
  • They contain falsified or overwritten data;
  • Their integrity has been compromised;
  • They have images that don’t match the appearance of the holder;
  • Their holder has been declared dead.

You also have to get your locally obtained documents translated to universally recognized languages. In most countries, English is accepted as a universal standard language. Confirm the terms for your destination in advance, as there are many translation services you can avail for this purpose. It is also very easy to learn foreign languages these days.

Here are the most essential travel documents that may need translation before a trip abroad:


The important certificate in question here is the birth certificate, which is a document that proves your birth and identity. In a lot of countries, you may be asked to translate your birth certificate from your region’s official language to the official language of your destination or English.

A situation like this may arise when you are looking for a job or to enroll into school in a different country. You may also have to translate your birth certificate when you want to get married or adopt a child in a foreign country. Other certificates that require translation abroad include immunization certificates, school and college degrees, etc.


Licenses grant evidence and certification of certain events or acquirement from the government. It basically lets others know that your qualifications are legitimate. You may have to get your marriage license translated to prove the validity of your marriage to a lodging or housing facility that doesn’t allow unmarried couples to stay together. You may have to get your teaching license translated to get permission to teach in a foreign country.

Passport and Visa

Most travelers only have to translate their passports and visas whilst visiting countries where universally recognized languages aren’t used extensively. Passport and Visa translation is done when a traveler wants to stay abroad for a long period. It is also done if the traveler has worked at government offices in countries with limited use of English. A translated passport is a thing of the past. We now have Covid vaccine passports issued in various languages.


Documents other than the ones listed above may also need the translation before visiting a foreign country. It depends on the region you are visiting, the purpose of your trip, and other factors. You can avail professional translation services for all your needs, including travel document translation. Have a great trip!

Author — Melony Hart

Melony Hart is a traveler and a citizen of the world. She has years of experience writing content for travel blogs and websites and loves to share her passion with fellow travel enthusiasts. She enjoys meeting new people from different places.

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