What is the reason why the Copium protocol is poised to disrupt cloud mining?

One is crypto mining itself which for quite a long time was limited to only those who were wealthy enough to be afforded the vast resources it demands. The same harsh mining jargon put people off.

Crypto mining and cloud mining both promises to be decentralized, with little or no technical knowledge involved in both the basic cost of being included in a mining pool that helps power it. This also includes renting hash power or mining hardware with another party. Cloud mining is less of an investment barrier to crypto mining than some everyday investors have perceived to be more of a technical barrier. For more information, you can visit Crypto-Genius App.

In this article, today we will try to learn about the Copium protocol and also how the ecosystem fulfils its mission. Let us know whether it hinders cloud mining.

What is the Copium Protocol?

The crypto mining project can become more famous in the crypto market via using the Copium protocol which is a multiple blockchain mining investment projects to simplify the complex protocol of mining. This mining project is well situated in the New Zealand city known as Otago. Copium Protocol works as a crypto mining project where the mining project runs with the help of power sources sourced through renewable energy, green energy and hydroelectricity which are purely pollution-free sources used for electricity generated.

How does this work?

The following are some of the pillars associated with the Copium Protocol ecosystem – Copium Staking, Copium Coin and Copium Mining. How does this contribute to the goal of a decentralized platform for crypto mining?

Copium Staking

You can also stake your Copium Coin and Copium Staking if you wish, it is expected to go live once the NFT collection with Investors and Copium Coin is launched. The staking contract can be signed through the staking dashboard allowing one to check its earning potential and interest rates. Copium staking already does not charge any penalty for unstacking.

Copium Coin

The Copium coin, also known as an ERC-20 token, provides the ecosystem fuel for the Copium protocol. Along with this, the ecosystem provides a wide range of services to the people, which can only be revealed as this platform develops. The main function of Copium Coin is to make the system of staking rewards more convenient and it is central to the ecosystem itself. You can also stake your Copium coin holdings in both unlocked and locked periods if you want to convert to attractive yields.

Copium Mining

Both the Copium protocol and Copium mining are designed somewhat similarly. With this, a large mining facility of the company is in NZ. Copium mining is the most ideal location with mining facilities that allow it to run a very efficient as well as a profitable business. The company has several mining facilities. These are just some of the projects that significantly upgrade the company’s mining infrastructure, for which the proceeds from the sale of the Copium protocol archive are used. The proceeds are used for capacity upgrades for Copium mining and infrastructure at the facility.


There is no doubt that the market is fully loaded with ideas for earning income through Bitcoin mining. Among all, if you have enough money, a good option is to purchase your hardware and host that hardware to any third-party facility. The money required for this process is almost 12000 US dollars. Therefore, in the second opinion, purchasing a mining contract from a cloud-based platform would be also a better option. In our opinion, the best option would be to make side-by-side income via the Copium protocol for a long period.


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