What Is Prague Well-known for?

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The capital of the Czech Republic is thought of as Prague – one of the most charming and marvelous cities in the world which is expanded along the riverside of the Vltava River.

It is situated in Central Europe. Architectural wonders surviving during the war, such as ancient palaces, the towers of the millennium, the cupola of churches, and outstanding buildings are placed there up to now, in the heart of Central Europe, in Prague.

It is also famous for its centenaries of story and cultural inheritance, where European medieval breath has been sustained and can be sensed in its narrow streets. There are numerous must-visit places to go in Prague, be you either a just-married or a lonely globetrotter.

Even those who love 20Bet can find some places to visit, like Generali Arena or Synot Tip Arena. Let’s move to the places you should see first. 

  1. Charles Bridge

Do you know which Prague is most prominent?  Just now we want to represent to you the most notorious symbol of Prague which is Charles Bridge. It is the dream of a majority of travelers to visit the bridge which has been raised after king Charles in the Middle Ages and has been an icon of the city of Prague as of now.

  1. Astronomical Clock of Prague

Prague Astronomical Clock has been the next attractive place to visit over the centuries in the city for globetrotters. This clock originated in the Middle Ages, 15th century, and has been operating as of today. It has an astronomical dial as well as a ring with the signs of the zodiac that identify the stars.

  1. Old Town Square

If your destination is the Old Town, you should undoubtedly have a long-lasting stroll through the square which is one of the most imaginative ones in European countries. Here the medieval ambiance of this city is spread.

  1. Castle of Prague

If the travelers desire to have a trip completely, they should visit Prague Castle by all means. Dating back to the Middle Ages, it has been constructed for the intention to be a royal residency designed for kings there, and later on, for Czech Republic presidents. Prague Castle is not only a monument, it also includes a wide majority of courtyards, cultural exhibitions, churches, pleasant parks that will take a few days to find out in full.


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