What do the figures mean in the layout of an apartment in Turkey

Turkish arithmetic: 1+1, 2+1… What does it mean?

«1+1», «2+1» and so on are layouts that are used in Turkey and some other countries, but not in all. Is there any difference between real estate for sale in Mahmutlar and in Alanya? That is why some foreign citizens do not immediately understand what kind of layout they are talking about. We will analyze each of the types and tell you about its distinctive features.

Layouts in Turkey: summary

In short, everything is very simple: the first figure is the number of bedrooms in the apartment, and the second one reports how many living rooms there are.

Accordingly, most often it is the first figure that changes (1, 2, 3 …), and the second remains the same.

«1+1» apartments in Alanya

The apartments of Alanya (1+1) are the most inexpensive option. These apartments consist of one bedroom and one living room, which will be combined with a kitchen.The area of such apartments starts from 40 sq.m and rarely exceeds 70 sq.m. Of course, there are also studios in Alanya, but recently they have stopped being designed, so this layout can only be found on the secondary real estate market. The description will indicate either the word studio or the layout: «1+0».

In old buildings or economy-class residential projects, the apartment can be without a hall: when you enter the apartment, you find yourself in the living room.

Do not be surprised that the living room area will be much larger than the bedroom, as the living room is a full-fledged room that is combined with the kitchen area and serves as a dining room.

Buying an apartment in a new development project is attractive, as you will still enjoy all the advantages of the LCD. This project will have an outdoor swimming pool in a minimal configuration, and sometimes also an indoor one, a hammam, a sauna, a fitness room and other public places.

«2+1» apartments in Alanya

This is the most successful option for a small family, both in terms of square footage and price.

In such an apartment there are two bedrooms, one of which has its own bathroom. The second bedroom is usually smaller and serves as a nursery. In addition, you will have a spacious living room where you will gather with the whole family or invite guests.

«3+1» apartments

In fact, this layout differs from the previous one only by another bedroom. There is also a fairly spacious square footage. It is difficult to find an apartment of this format with an area of less than 100 sq.m. Usually the footage starts with 140 sq.m.

Starting with this layout, you can already find penthouses and view apartments. Usually in a penthouse, the first floor accommodates a hall and a kitchen, and all the bedrooms are on the second.

The bigger the apartment, the more balconies in it. In large apartments there are not just large, but giant balconies or even a terrace where you can safely put a dining table, several sun beds or armchairs. In Turkey, it has a special fondness for balconies. In apartments you can find several balconies. For instance, one small balcony is for smoking, and the other is for breakfast.

Our assistance in choosing real estate in Turkey

Find out as much information as possible about all available Turkish real estate layouts on the official website of Turk.Estate. Go to the aggregator’s website, where real estate projects are presented. Use the search to find accommodation by price, location or other parameters of interest to you. Contact specialists, as they will help you with the choice.

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