What Did Czechs Search on Google in 2021?

Google published its annual “Year in Search”, revealing the top global Google searches by country.

To highlight the most significant events and say goodbye to 2020, we collected the top searches in the Czech Republic.

  • Sčítání lidu – the census that took place this year
  • Euro 2021
  • Bitcoin
  • Registrace očkování (vaccination registration, with several peaks in late February, May and late November)
  • Volby (elections).

The most searched Czech person was Milos Zeman, with a sudden peak in mid-October, when the Czech head of state’s hospitalization threw the country into a post-election limbo.

Czechs also expressed the most interest in Dominik Feri, the youngest and first black MP in Czech political history who was forced to resign in May following a sexual abuse and harassment scandal.

The “How to…” searches are also always full of valuable and surprising lessons to understand what was on the mind of a population. This year, Czechs were particularly keen on knowing more about:

  • Jak dlouho platí antigenní test? (How long is an antigen test valid?)
  • Jak vzniká tornádo? (How is a tornado formed?) – yes, the Czech Republic now has tornadoes, courtesy of 2021.
  • Jak volit? (How to vote?)
  • Jak dlouho trvá karanténa? (How long does the quarantine last?).
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