We’ve Got Some Tips on What NOT to Miss at Signal Festival This Year. Here We Go!

signal festival 2021

Signal Pass – a paid zone that includes three seats! Put on your 3D glasses and experience the biggest projection Signal has ever produced.

An immersive experience from the Spanish studio Onionlab awaits you in the pompous hall of the Industrial Palace. An installation that eclipses many video mappings of recent years.

Moreover, the neighbouring location offers a unique 360° projection in the Planetarium as part of the Signal Pass, which shows the damaged Czech landscape in drone footage.

Videomapping is not to be missed

It wouldn’t be Signal if organizers didn’t prepare a videomapping of one of the historic churches in Prague. You already know the Church of Sts. Cyril and Methodius in Karlín from the last Signals.

This year, the videomapping will be prepared by the German studio Weltraumgrafik: we have been looking forward to it for two years! The Wind is a work about the future. The wind as a symbol of change and uncertainty that we don’t have to fear.

Something completely new? The new Signal Festival app. There, you’ll find a map, info and everything you want to know and take to the festival.

What may be incredible is that you also carry your virtual installation route in that pocket. Signal AR is Signal’s new augmented reality project. You don’t have to worry about missing the project because it’s the first Signal Festival activity that is permanent and will run for a full year, every day.

For those of you for whom the light installations are not enough, this year they have also included Vektroskop at the Archa Theatre – a unique audiovisual performance that combines visual elements with dance and theatre.

Live music versus a piano controlled by a robotic hand, programmed mobile objects versus pure physical improvisation, lasers versus beams of “ordinary” light, acoustic versus electronic music.

The accompanying program also offers a novelty that all art enthusiasts will appreciate.

You can join the Signal Talks, a symposium where we will seek answers to the following questions: How to organize sustainable (greener) exhibitions and festivals?; How can artists contribute to this effort?; or, for example, What to do when the next closure of cultural institutions and lockdown comes, making it impossible to present art in physical space?

What about the tickets?

The festival pass can be purchased until 3rd October for 200 CZK, from 4th October to 13th October for 250 CZK, and on the spot for 300 CZK.

A new feature is the introduction of family admission. A festival pass for a family including 2 adults and up to 2 children can now be bought for CZK 550, from 4th October for CZK 700 and on-site for CZK 850.

Tickets for the accompanying program at the Archa Theatre are not included in the Signal Pass. Children from 6 to 15 years old and seniors over 65 years old get 50 CZK off the basic price.

Children under 6 years of age and disabled persons are admitted free of charge. You can also buy a ticket for the 3D projection in the Industrial Palace for 100 CZK separately only on the spot.

Do you have tickets from last year’s event that did not take place? You can use your purchased tickets for Signal 2020 this year!


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