Wenceslas Square and náměstí Republiky Get Concret Blocks

Rows of concrete roadblocks have been installed in Wenceslas Square and náměstí Republiky to protect the place from a terrorist attack by car. 

The barriers have been widely criticized for their unappealing appearance. Others have been questioning the effectiveness of the roadblocks against the force of large vehicles coming at high speed.

The main focus is on the city’s Christmas markets, shopping malls, airports, railway stations and public transport. Concrete roadblocks will stand until January 9 – end of the Christmas holidays.

“Just like last year, we are installing roadblocks in Wenceslas Square, and Náměstí Republiky for this year’s Advent time. These measures complement the existing barriers that have been in Old Town Square for several weeks,” said city spokesman Vít Hofman.

The purchase of the roadblocks cost Prague several tens of thousands of crowns.

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