Weather Report: A Hot Tropical Day Awaits Czech Republic on Friday

hottest june in prague

After a stormy weekend throughout all of the Czech Republic, a week of hot summer temperatures with a rare occurrence of precipitation awaits us.

According to Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI), the highest temperatures will be on Friday, when they will exceed 30 degrees Celsius, so the country can prepare for a tropical day.

In the following days, CHMI expects precipitation rather exceptionally, most of which will occur on Tuesday. According to the current forecast, the sunniest and the warmest day will be on Friday, when the limit of 30 degrees Celsius.

It seems that during the weekend, the cold front will cross our territory again. While in the east it may still be hot at first, we must be wary of the showers and thunderstorms coming from the west.

Today it will be mostly cloudy, temporarily clear in some places. The highest temperatures will rise to 26 degrees Celsius, and in mountainous regions, it will be around 17 degrees Celsius.

At night on Tuesday, meteorologists expect partly cloudy to cloudy weather with a few occurrences of rain. In the morning, fogs might occasionally occur. The lowest temperatures drop to 12-16, in the west to 10. The highest temperatures climb to 23- 27, in southern Moravia to 29 degrees.

On Wednesday it will be partly cloudy to almost clear, there might be occasional showers, especially in the mountains in the north and northeast. The lowest night temperatures drop to 12-16 degrees Celsius, in the west to 10 degrees. The highest daily temperatures, on the other hand, will range from 22 to 26.

According to meteorologists, it will be clear to partly cloudy on Thursday. The lowest night temperatures go down to 11-15 degrees Celsius. The highest daily temperatures will range between 23 and 27 degrees Celsius.

It will be clear to partly cloudy on Friday. The lowest night temperatures will be around 12 to 16. The highest daily temperatures will climb to 26- 30 and in the southwest up to 32 degrees Celsius.

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