Wearing Masks Everywhere Outside no Longer Mandatory from Monday

face masks outside czechia

As part of the next step of loosening of restrictions, the government will abolish the obligation to wear mouth and nose protection when outside from Monday provided that there is no crowding and it is possible to observe a distance of at least 2 meters between people.

There is no change in the constraint to close the respiratory passages indoors.

“In outdoor areas, the obligation to wear mouth and nose protection will only apply where at least two persons less than two meters apart are present in the same place and at the same time, unless they are household members,” said Petr Arenberger, Minister of Health of the Czech Republic.

“It is the same practice as what we had here in autumn. When you are in an open area and there are no other people around, you do not have to wear mouth protection; but when you come to a tram or bus stop and there are more people, you put on a mask,” he added.

The exclusion from wearing a mask will also apply to the time required to consume food and beverages outside the premises of public catering establishments.

Since the beginning of March, people have to wear at least a surgical mask in areas of any municipality, but many people opt to wear a respirator.

Respirators with a protection class of at least FFP2 are still mandatory in public transport, shops, and other crowded places.

On Monday, all remaining shops and other service establishments that have been closed so far due to the pandemic will open across the Czech Republic.

Shoe repair shops, car dealerships, cableways, tanning salons, watch shops, jewellers, carpenters, and travel agencies will be able to reopen.

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