“We Sail Back to the Islands!” United Islands of Prague to Take Place on June 25-26

united islands of prague 2021

The annual music festival United Islands of Prague will run June 25–26 offering free music on stages around the city.

The 18th edition will feature 35 concerts on 5 different stages by talented performers across musical genres. After five years, the festival will move from Karlín back to the islands right in the very heart of Prague: Střelecký Island, Kampa, Children’s Island and Janáček Embankment

The organizers will also prepare a unique non-musical program, which will thematically link sustainability and diversity. Besides music, you can look forward to lectures by inspiring speakers.

“This year’s return to the islands will only be a harbinger of a full return in 2022, but we hope to enjoy it with the audience. It will be an opportunity to reminisce about the old days or, conversely, to experience music for the first time in places that have long been part of the main idea of ​​the United Islands of Prague,” said David Gaydečka, the festival’s organizer.

Between concerts, you will definitely not be bored, as we have a lot of activities for you in cooperation with our ambassadors and partners.

During the festival, you will be able to try out various disciplines under the auspices of the Czech Olympic Committee and sports associations.

“The program is divided into the thematic areas of Courage, Freedom, Health, and Sustainability. During the day, you can look forward to panel discussions, workshops, ambassador lectures, and a program for children,” explains Kamila Buráňová, festival coordinator.

Over the years of its existence, the United Islands have confirmed with its program that it is one of the largest festival events of its kind in Prague. Given this, the City of Prague ranked the festival among seven major events that get significant and continuous support from the City.

Entry to the festival is free of charge. You can find more information at www.unitedislands.cz

united islands of prague 2021

united islands of prague 2021


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