This Converted Water Tower Home in Prague is Still on Sale

Prague-Liben tower

The historic water tower from 1904 in Prague-Liben, at the intersection of Davídkova and Na Slovance, is still for sale.

In the last decade. it was rebuilt into a unique home 3+kt of 223 sqm with an area of 1.268 sqm. The ground floor has an underground relaxation center and a wine cellar with a usable area of 433 sqm and a garage with security facilities of 158 sqm, which is suitable for up to 8 cars.

The current owner recently restored the façade and renovated the interior. It also moved the tower from the technical to the residential category.

The living space itself is a duplex, located on a newly built top of the tower. The panoramic 360-degree view provides sightseeing of all of Prague.

The apartment with a circular ground plan is connected by a staircase at the perimeter of the tower. At the bottom, there is a living room with a kitchenette, a pantry, and a toilet, in the middle part a study room with a bathroom and a toilet, a circular bedroom with a bathroom and a toilet on the top floor.

The above-standard relaxation center is an additional building to the residential part. The daylight is provided by the roof windows. There is a pool area, a sauna and a relaxation area, a squash court, a gym, a cloakroom, a toilet and a bar.

In the lower part of the center, there is a well and a wine cellar with a vaulted arch built from baroque sandstone blocks.

The Energy Class G is only listed temporarily to meet legal requirements.

The cost is… quite high: CZK 95 million (about 3.8 million euros). The investor has been looking for a buyer for almost four years, but so far without results.


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