Warmest New Year’s Day on Record as Mercury hits 15.7C in Kopisty

Mild weather in the Czech Republic – attributed to a flow of warm subtropical air from the Azores – has seen record temperature highs on both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Yesterday was the warmest New Year’s Day on record, with a temperature of 15.7C recorded in Kopisty in the Most region- breaking the previous record of 14.5C from Valašské Meziříčí in 1936, according to data released by the Hydro-Meteorological Institute.

Record temperatures were recorded by 121 of the 160 long-term measuring stations.

Czech meteorologists said: “The warmth that we’ve had today and over the last few days is really thanks to a deep southwesterly wind. The air that we’ve got with us at the moment originates from the Azores, which is quite a warm source, so that’s been drawn up right across the country for the last few days.”

Meteorologists recorded 15C in Žatec in the Louny region and 14.7C in Brod nad Dyjí in the Břeclav region.

Afternoon temperatures mostly ranged from 10 to 14C and in the northwest of Bohemia, they rarely exceeded 15C.

The last day of 2021 was also very warm, with a high of 15.3 degrees Celsius, breaking records at half the monitoring stations in the country.

Warm weather will continue in the Czech Republic in the coming days.

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