Warm Christmas Experiences Under the Manifesto Roof

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As Christmas season approaches, Manifesto will once again become a place to spend time with loved ones in an environment that evokes an exceptional mood.

At Manifesto Anděl, visitors can leave the cold and sleet behind and slip into the heated “Anděl’s market under the roof,” filled with the scent of seasonal hot cocktails that drifts into the air at the market.

On November 24, a Christmas tree will light up the street corner at the western entrance with the personal participation of the Mayor of Prague 5, Renata Zajickova. There will also be a sale of trees and themed cultural programs to participate in, from winter cinema screenings to children’s workshops.

Manifesto Winter Market 2021 will be held in Manifesto Florenc for the third time. Heated glamping tents will complement the trees and elegant light decorations, accompanied by singing by the fireplaces.

Program tips

The main program will be dedicated to Christmas evergreens throughout December. St Nicholas is preparing for the families at Manifesto, in both markets the children will meet the Angel, St. Nicholas, and the Devil. Creative workshops for little ones, like creating St Nicolas’ hats and Christmas decorations, will take place at Anděl. There are also live music performances on the line up and several dance evenings, including a silent disco.

Program (subject to change)

Manifesto Anděl

  • 16.11. | Winter Eat-in kino: Havel [movie]
  • 18.11. | Winter dance hall: warm up in the rhythm of your heart. Kizomba, afro. [dance]
  • 24.11. | Opening and lighting of “Anděl’s  market under the roof” with the participation of the mayor, Renata Zajickova. Singing performance and concert by the duo Alex & Martin (guitar, accordion and violin) [family-friendly]
  • 25.11. | Silent Disco. What is it like to dance to music together through headphones? [dance]
  • 28.11. | Kids workshop: St Nicholas decorations [family-friendly]
  • 5.12. | St. Nicholas at Manifesto [family-friendly]
  • 8.12.  | Winter Eat-in kino: Lairs [movie]
  • 11.12. | Winter Eat-in kino: Grinch [movie]
  • 12.12. | Kids workshop: Christmas bells making [family-friendly]
  • 15.12. | Winter Eat-in kino: Love, Actually  [movie]

Manifesto Florenc

  • 18.11. | Fireside Sessions: Alex & Martin [live music]
  • 25.11. | Fireside Sessions: Marco & Martinu [live music]
  • 5.12. | Santa’s Carols at Manifesto [family-friendly]
  • 9.12. | Christmas Party: Ugly sweaters [dance]

Gastronomic tips

The American restaurants, Dirty Dog Barbeque and NOSH, are preparing a special menu on Thanksgiving that will be offered for the last week of November.

Booking Options

You can choose to sit in tents for six people, or you can connect two tents and house a larger group for special occasions. Around the fires, guests can sit on fabric armchairs lined with blankets and furs, and there are tables for drinking drinks and hot meals.

Seating is not paid, but it is possible to insure the capacity by booking online in the Manifesto e-shop. The fee is 150 CZK for seating by the fire or 600 CZK for a whole tent. The price of CZK 799 includes a bottle of Prosecco or a kettle of hot drink while you sit in your tent. At Manifesto Anděl, seats or a table can be booked via the e-shop.


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