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The students of art universities in Prague united and created the new digital gallery Vyšeart which was launched on 5th of May 2021 and will last until 31st of August 2021.

Vyšeart connects 28 students of various art fields who created 14 pairs where 1 musician and 1 visual artist collaborate with each other. Each pair made one piece of art which consisted of musical aspects and visual art.

The final artworks are displayed in the park of The National Cultural Monument Vyšehrad. Visitors of Vyšeart discover the artworks with their own smartphone and through QR codes which are installed in the park.

The project is supported by The Borough of Prague 2, The National Cultural Monument Vyšehrad, HAMU, UMPRUM, AVU, and OSA.

The idea of a multifaceted project has arisen among students of art who felt the need and desire to meet other students and to gain new creative experience.

The organizers are students Magdaléna Ochmanová from Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (HAMU), Hana Sommerová from Academy of Fine Arts (AVU), Eliška Hanuš, Jarka Straková and Mariana Pecháčková from Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design in Prague (UMPRUM) who have started and developed the idea of Vyšeart.

The digital vernissage took place on the 5th of May 2021 at 17:00 and presented 28 artists and their artworks (link here).

The organizers think of all creative souls and want to support general creativity through the open call Vyšeartinspiruje (=Vyšeartinspires).

Everyone who is inspired by the Vyšeart project can create a piece of art and publish it under the hashtag #vyšeartinspiruje. In the end, the jury will choose 10 winning pieces of art, publish them on the platforms of Vyšeart and send all winners an original art reward.

The project is technically supported by the students of Czech Technical University in Prague.

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