Votre Plaisir: High-End French Inspired Pastry Boutique in Prague

Votre Plaisir prague

Prague’s pastry boutique Votre Plaisir will enchant you with their full, fascinating flavours and perfectly thought-out, precisely executed details. It’s love at first sight or, better of said, at first taste.

Gabriela and Michal are a lovely couple who were led to the founding of Votre Plaisir by a shared love of food and stubbornness to do things as best as they could.

The whole idea behind Votre Plaisir began years ago in French Guiana, where they spent their holidays and quickly realized it was time to start turning their passion for pastry into a real job. After their trip, they gradually left their jobs and slowly built a confectionery factory in Prague 9.

At first, they became regular sellers of farmers’ markets in Náplavka and Kulaťák, delivered many goods to many cafes and restaurants, and in the end, opened their first pastry boutique. However, they were forced to close it because of the water flute, but they didn’t wait too long and opened a new boutique in November 2019 in the heart of Prague, Klimentská street.

The success behind Votre Plaisir stands behind a combination of quality ingredients, handicrafts, and rich experience. Gabriela and Michal create unique desserts that simultaneously surprise you with unusual, harmonized tastes and precise details.

Through well-thought-out yet simple recipes, they work with the elements in such a way that their taste is not lost or, on the contrary, stands out. They both believe that the most exquisite flavours hide the ingredients themselves, and they consider the quality and origin of the ingredients the alpha and omega of their successful work.

The dessert recipes are as classic as possible, and they do not go to extremes unnecessarily; they emphasize processing on how to handle the ingredients and textures. The visual identity is essential for them, and they insist their desserts must be immediately recognizable among others. The menu is seasonally controlled so that you can find different variations each season.

Votre Plaisir prague
Source: Votre Plaisir on Facebook 


Votre Plaisir prague
Source: Votre Plaisir on Facebook

Their signature dessert is the lemon tartlet, which stood up to the idea of opening Votre Plaisir, millefeuille, and větrník, which they prepared for the opening of Klimentská boutique to show that even Czech desserts can be prepared in high quality.

In addition to their seasonal pastry menu, you can also order their Le Mystère du Plaisir — mysterious cakes full of surprises prepared differently for each client. The ingredients and final taste depend on individual favourite preferences and, of course, the season.

Whether you’re grabbing their goodies to go or want to sit down for your dessert with a glass of wine or coffee, Votre Plaisir is sure to suit your mood and appetite. A little tip, don’t miss out on their Christmas eggnog made of Caribbean rum and Mexican vanilla; it’s simply delicious.

Adress: Klimentská 1/1246, 110 00 Prague 1

Votre Plaisir prague
Source: Votre Plaisir on Facebook
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