Volunteers Needed to Help Ukrainian Refugees in Prague

The Municipality of Prague is looking for volunteers to help Ukrainian refugees in the registration center in Vyšehrad. 

People are required to have basic Czech language skills, as well as Russian or Ukrainian.

They will help refugees fill in different forms and, if necessary, provide simple interpretation while communicating with Czech officials.

To become a volunteer you need to fill out a form at this link and wait for the call of a coordinator. The amount of daily work can choose by the volunteer.

The mayor of Prague, Zdeněk Hřib, said on Monday afternoon that the Congress Centre does not have enough staff to deal with the influx of people, and therefore, will not accept any more arrivals until March 9.

Mr. Hřib also said he would contact the army for help. Minister Rakušan said on Sunday that there were around 100,000 Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic.

If you want more information about the volunteer opportunities, click here



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