Vojtěch: Mandatory Wearing of Face Masks May End Completely at the End of June

From the end of June in the entire Czech Republic could end the mandatory wearing of face/surgical masks even in indoor spaces.

“We assume that during the whole month of June the face masks will be mandatory in indoor spaces such as shops, and public transport. If the epidemiological situation improves, face masks could be not compulsory at all at the end of June,” Health Minister Adam Vojtěch told reporters.

During yesterday’s press conference, Vojtěch said that other coronavirus countermeasures, such as the use of disinfectants, and social distancing will also be in place at least until the end of June.

The country is preparing to open pubs, hotels on Monday, May 25 when wearing protective masks will be mandatory only in the interiors of buildings other than the place of residence and in public transport.

From noon on March 18th in Olomouc and as of March 19th in the entire Czech Republic until further notice, it became mandatory to wear face/surgical masks (or at least scarves or bandannas) fully covering the nose and mouth when going out in public.

The Czech Republic had 8,820 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection by Saturday morning. So far 6,026 people have recovered and 312 people have died.

The Czech Republic took early action in March to close borders, schools, and much of the services sector and has also been eager to relax many of the restrictions.

In Prague, there were 50 new daily cases on average since May 1 scattered across the whole city, a presentation showed.


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