Vivid Memories, or How To Have Fun in Prague

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With fabulous castles, world-class museums, pubs with famous beers, nightlife with clubs and casinos like CasinoChan, and residents with a welcoming disposition, the Czech Republic increases the influx of tourists every year.

Prague is the first city many people think of when planning a trip to the Czech Republic. However, along with the influx of crowds of sightseers in the capital and rising prices. But it is safe to say that Prague has enough charming places worthy of attention, the visit of which is completely free or not too ruinous to the wallet.

1. Visit Prague Castle

Spend some time wandering around the magnificent Prague Castle. According to Guinness World Records, Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the entire world. And we can safely add – one of the most beautiful! Prague Castle covers an area of 45 hectares. Try to get to the changing of the guard ceremony, which takes place every day at noon local time.

2. Take Selfies in Front of the Lennon Wall

Grab your smartphone and take a selfie next to John Lennon’s wall. It’s not just a boring partition, the John Lennon wall is filled with inspired graffiti and snippets of songs from Beatles albums. The wall is constantly being added to, so taking selfies with it is one of the things to do on every visit to Prague because it looks different every time.

3. Climb the 299 Steps on Petøín Observation Tower

Petøín is a hill on the left bank of the Vltava River that offers a magnificent view of the city. To get to the top, you can take the easy way and take the cable car, but better practice and take a 30-minute hike, admiring the gardens and wooded paths. On your way, stop by the statue of a Czech romantic poet named Karel Hynek Macha. This is a famous meeting place for lovers. Your pleasant walk will be rewarded with a miniature version of the Eiffel Tower. And just 299 steps will reveal incredible landscapes of the city skyline.

4. Have a Pint of Beer

The Czechs claim to have the best beer in the world, and Prague is a great place to put that claim to the test. A huge number of bars in the city boast famous Czech brews, but the best way to explore Prague’s beer scene is to join a beer tour or visit the Prague Beer Museum.

5. Synchronize Your Watch With the Prague Chimes

See the 12 Apostles show put on every hour by the world’s oldest working astronomical clock. The intricate chimes are located on the south side of the Old Town Hall and are the pride of Prague.

6. Take a Look at the Dancing House

Among the city’s many old and historic structures is a quaint building called the Dancing House, also known as Fred and Ginger. The building embodies a man and a woman dancing together. It’s impossible not to see this architectural gem.

7. Visit the Franz Kafka Museum

Don’t forget to visit the Franz Kafka Museum and the statue in front of it, known as the “Peeing Boys” sculpture. A pair of men, swinging their hips, piss animatronically into a small pool shaped like the Czech Republic. The sculpture has a phone number you can text and the men will answer you.

8. Take a Relaxing Stroll Along the River

The waterways around the old city are often called the “Venice of Prague”. The Vltava embankment is a quiet riverside by day and a lively place by night. Take a river cruise around Prague to see many historic buildings from a different perspective or just stroll along the riverbank to enjoy the serenity of the Vltava.

9. Treat Yourself to a Giant Pork Knuckle

The name of this meat dish, referred to as “Hog’s Knee,” may not sound quite appetizing, but trust me, it is. Beer-marinated meat served with vegetables and dark local bread is very popular in Czech cuisine. The combination of aromatic tender pork and crispy skin makes the dish worth eating. Don’t eat for hours before indulging in a giant pork knuckle. The dish is big and hearty.

10. Visit a Suspended Sigmund Freud

Take a stroll through the majestic Stare Mesto district of the city and look up into the sky. You’ll be surprised to find a seven-foot sculpture of the well-known psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud hanging above the cobblestone streets. The unusual piece proved so popular that it has been displayed in many other cities around the world. The sculpture is also responsible for frequent calls to emergency services, mistaken for a suicide attempt.

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