Vítězné náměstí to be Redesigned?

Istanbul-based studio Superspace has proposed a design for Vítězné náměstí (Prague 6) that transforms the zone into a space flourishing with nature and social activities.

The simple but effective solution inverts traffic and pedestrian access to create a green urban center, where markets, art festivals and even wintertime ice-skating can take place. Tall, local evergreen trees would be planted in the horseshoe shape surrounding the inner ring, creating an iconic visual impact while shielding the community space from the noise of the busy traffic area beyond.

The current design of Vítězné náměstí encourages heavy traffic congestion and its central green space is inaccessible and redundant. Superspace’s proposal increases the permeability of the space, as well as creates a holistic central urban space surrounded by easily accessible traffic lanes.  

The form of the ring derives from the transition between the horseshoe plan and the existing central roundabout. It creates an intimate community space nestled within the trees, an oasis within the city.

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