VISUALIZATION: Renovation and New Tram Coming to New Town

The area of Národní, 28. října, Na Příkopě, and náměstí Republiky and Revoluční streets in the center of Prague are to become a uniform boulevard and shopping street.

In the future, trams will run once more between Na Perštýně and náměstí Republiky. This is all part of the new Castle Promenade plan, which was approved by city councilors on Monday.

“The space is saturated with unsightly advertising, mostly overloaded with car traffic” The study was commissioned by the city management in 2019 to the Institute of Planning and Development, for which it was created by the architectural studio Aoc ateliér.

Today, only the area between Jungmann Square and Republic Square operates as a business-centric walkable area. The aim is to extend this character to the entire length of the promenade.

“It is one of the busiest and also the most important cultural and social centers of Prague, however, today the space is saturated with unsightly advertising, mostly overloaded with car traffic both in motion and parked cars in the streets. The study offers a solution to all these problems. There will be a reconstruction of surfaces, repair and addition of new furniture or placement of greenery,” said Deputy Mayor for Territorial Development Petr Hlaváček (STAN) in a press release.

Construction will begin on Revoluční Street. Traffic should also be expected to calm down on the busy Národní Street, but according to the document approved by the councilors, this will be a rather longer-term goal with a horizon of the next decade.

The modifications will start first on the opposite side of the promenade in Revoluční Street, working off of a previous study. In addition to wider sidewalks and the removal of barriers, there will be two dozen new trees planted.

According to the Institute for Planning and Development, the adjustments should be completed in 2024.

The approved concept also includes the return of trams, which will connect the Náměstí Republiky, Národní třída and Muzeum stops.

“The tram ran here until 1985, when it was cancelled after the construction of the metro was completed,” added Deputy Mayor for Transport Adam Scheinherr (Praha Sobě) in a press release.


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