Vinohradský Pavilon – Interior Design Heaven

Vinohradský Pavilon is an interesting alternative to the conventional shopping centres that are most of the time overcrowded and can become horrible experiences instead of pleasurable ones.

In particular, this place is situated in a former marketplace building and was reconstructed into a modern, three-story shopping gallery with a slightly industrial look and with various interior design shops, home accessories, electronics, lighting ideas, florists or even bikes.

All the brands come from the Czech Republic and are unique when it comes to style and design. However, prepare your budgets, because some of the goods presented can be pricey, but if you decide to invest some money into your house interior, you can truly find some masterpieces with the best quality. Alternatively, you can just come and gather some ideas for your dream house (that is what I do all the time).

There is also an open cafe in the middle of the centre for you to relax and have a break; it is from a coffee brand La Bohème Café and there is an actual coffee place just a few streets away (check out our article!).

That is still not everything what you can find here: they also organise art exhibitions and change themes every other month. Vinohradský pavilon is a dynamic, modern place and true heaven for design lovers.

Author: Ivana Pivarníková. You can find the original article here

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