Vinohradský Parlament – Contemporary Revival of Czech Cuisine

Vinohradský Parlament is a modern Czech pub that always cooks honest and exclusively Czech cuisine. With respect for tradition and time-tested recipes, the cookery team, led by chef Jan Pipal, brings modern trends and original modifications. 

Beer is given the greatest possible care, so they use unique beer cooling technology, glass cooling and water-cooled tanks. All this with the emphasis on ensuring that each customer has the entire technological process of cooling and care right in front of their eyes. Every day, there are eight freshly cooked daily menus on your lunch menu, along with soup and dessert from the legendary confectioner Lukáš Skála. 

Vinohradský Parlament is part of the Together Group which includes renowned restaurants like Bruxx, and Cukrář Skála.

The theme of the restaurant, developed in partnership with the Staropramen Brewery, is bringing together high-quality beer and food. The kitchen is focused on creating a contemporary revival of traditional Czech cuisine. We sat down with Chef Oldřich Matoušek who also cooks Belgian cuisine over at Bruxx when I asked him if it ever gets confusing he responded that it would be “practically impossible, when I am cooking I am very aware of where I am cooking and only use recipes or ingredients that relate to the cuisine and menu of the restaurant.”

In regards to Vinohradský Parlament, “the speciality is that it combines typical Czech cuisine with modern serving. We are using modern technology/equipment steps to curate the food, and coming back to the basics of Czech cuisine that weren’t used during communism; we are reusing turnips, snails, parsnip, but we are cooking it in a creative and modern form.”

We are talking about traditional food that was consumed over 100 years ago in the Republic, but the restaurant is making a return to that style, cooked and served in a reinvented style. “I always keep it simple, whenever I look at the menu it is easy to panic and think that the process is complicated however the result is very simple,” Chef Oldřich adds.

What was admirable and deserved noting was that for the restaurant it is not only important to make “perfect dishes with natural ingredients”, but to make it quickly because of the time constraints. Even with the short time, the goal is to make quality food in short spaces amount of time, as it is very common and the norm for lunch breaks in the city to be only 30 minutes long. Proving that their varied customers are also at the heart of what they do.

The restaurant places emphasis on quality food and service as an integral part of its identity. Children have a special play area with free of charge professional supervision available Monday – Friday from 10:45- 21:00, and Saturday – Sunday 11:30-17:00, the service even provides parents with a mobile app in which they can watch their children from.

Author: Lilato Madiri

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