Vinohradský Parlament: As Many Dumplings as You Want

The doors of Vinohradský Parlament in Korunní Street have reopened after extensive reconstruction, under the direction of the chef Jan Pípal and the general manager Robert Vaverka. “We’ve been in Prague for six years, always busy. That’s the reason we thought it was essential to give something new to our customers. When you have a good business, you must make something new every six or seven years,” remarks Vaverka.

Vinohradský Parlament is not a typical Czech restaurant, even though you can find traditional and authentic dishes on the menu. They exclusively cook Czech cuisine with modern trends an original adjustments, using products and seasonal ingredients from suppliers they regularly visit, emphasizing the quality of each meal at reasonable prices. They also take care of their beer, always with the perfect temperature thanks to a unique way of cooling.

The new interior of the restaurant blends in perfectly with the style of the National House in Vinohrady, where it’s located. The design features a white ceiling with sculpted animals and a distinctly coloured carpet on the first floor. The capacity of the establishment after the reconstruction is 350 seats.

Eight freshly cooked dishes await you as part of their lunch menu, along with a soup and dessert from Lukáš Skála. From 10:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. you get to try something different every day.

The restaurant has remained faithful to the Czech tradition, and a wide range of dumplings now complement their meals. They are prepared from different types of flour, and their processing is different, fried, filled or steamed.

Every day the restaurant offers four kinds of dumplings that change weekly and also two sweet varieties. With the open kitchen, customers get to see the process and laboriousness behind their elaboration. “Dumplings are a Czech speciality and have a long history. We are the only ones that focus on knedlíky as the main meal, we even have a part of the kitchen specialised in this,” added Vaverka. The emphasis on dumplings is also an effort to differentiate from other traditional Czech restaurants mainly because knedlíky is a reasonably tricky but often undervalued discipline.

Guests can enjoy leavened dumplings stuffed with beef cheeks and paprika sauce, potato dumplings with goose confit or dumplings with spinach and chanterelles on cream among others.

Customers can also choose the dumplings option, ‘Eat as many as you can’. For 269 crowns you’ll get 200 grams of slowly cooked meat with a sauce of your choice and an unlimited number of dumplings.

Evening specialities are available until sold out, every Thursday from 6.00 p.m. they prepare for you half grilled chicken, and every Friday from 6:00 p.m. roasted beef.

The offer of beer has also changed because of the long-standing wish of customers. Instead of Staropramen, the owners decided to tap Pilsner. “When we decided to change the restaurant, we also chose to change the beer,” adds Vaverka.

Besides their permanent menu and Czech seasonal specialities, they are proud of their homemade lemonade, prepared with fresh fruit and available with a drop of alcohol.

At Vinohradský Parlament you’ll feel comfortable whether if coming for lunch, dinner or just a few beers with friends, experiencing friendly service, pleasant atmosphere and fabulous food.

Vinohradsky Parlament Prague

Vinohradsky Parlament Prague

Vinohradsky Parlament Prague

Vinohradsky Parlament Prague

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