Vila Kajetánka – Best Schnitzel in Prague

So, you want to have a Wienerschnitzel and don’t want to travel to Vienna… Well, no problem, Vila Kajetánka is ready to help. This restaurant is located in a charming building in this not very busy park with a pond full of fish.

Originally a vineyard, later a monastery and finally a tiny castle, it was renovated in 2010 and turned into a restaurant capable of hosting big group functions. But you don’t have to worry—it is usually a very quiet place. I strongly recommend sitting outside enjoying the kind of environment you would not expect to find about 100 meters from a major road. 

It probably helps that to get here you have to take a bus (180 to station Kajetánka) or tram (22 or 25 to the station Marjánka) and walk a little. From the tram go straight downhill and cross the major road at the traffic lights.

Once you see the nice old yellow building in the park, you are in the right place. Get your schnitzel (almost certainly you will have to take half of it home) and enjoy the cold glass of beer.

Author: Michal Lebl. You can find the original article here

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