View From Charles Bridge Ranked As 8th Most Beautiful In The World

Charles Bridge panorama

If you love stunning views, feel inspired by incredible city skylines, or just want to see what viewpoints people appreciate the most in the world, we have the perfect list for you.

When it comes to travel data, Tripadvisor host a lot of valuable information. Remitly —an American online remittance company— researched and analyzed over a million TripAdvisor reviews from viewing points in cities in over 260 countries.

The complete study shows relevant data from all the most mentioned viewpoints, infographics with the locations of the best-valued views across the world, and specific information about the best views per continent.

With as many as 42,000 reviews mentioning the word “panorama,” the “Top of the Rock” in New York City was the most highly rated viewpoint globally.

With unobstructed views from its observation deck, the top of Rockefeller Centre established itself as the world’s best vantage point by some margin, offering breathtaking views of the Empire State Building – another popular vantage point – as well as the verdant Central Park and the iconic Statue of Liberty.

The Top 10, however, also includes a famous landmark from the Czech Republic: Prague’s Charles Bridge ranks 8th among the world’s best viewpoints, with 13,685 mentions on TripAdvisor.

The medieval stone arch bridge is popular with visitors: millions of tourists visit every year. Known to be one of the most beautiful bridges in Europe, the bridge boasts unparalleled views of the city.

To conduct this research, Remitly analysed TripAdvisor data from every country in the world, as well as the entire United States and 253 cities around the world.

Using the “Things to Do” section of the TripAdvisor website, the attractions in each location that had the most mentions of “view” (in English) in the reviews were ranked as those offering the best view for the specific location (country, state, or city).

Results in which the term “view” was used negatively or for another context (a sports stadium offering a good view of the field) were omitted from the final results.

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