Videomapping at Letná Commemorates One Year of War in Ukraine

From 23 to 25 February, the NGO People in Need will hold a series of events in Prague to commemorate one year of war and humanitarian aid in Ukraine and the Czech Republic.

These events will include light installations on the Ministry of the Interior building on Letná, special screenings at the Světozor cinema, and an exhibition that maps the war month by month.

“We wanted to bring the everyday life of people in the midst of the Russian invasion of Ukraine to life. We will give viewers a space to stop, reflect, and let the motifs and symbols associated with life in war resonate within them,” says People in Need’s media coordinator, Petr Štefan.

On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings, visitors to Letná plain will be able to watch two screenings.

The first one, on the facade of the Ministry of the Interior, will offer a story based on the feelings and emotions of people in Ukraine living in the midst of the war and will capture the atmosphere of life in an occupied country.

The second projection, which will take place among the trees, will present a time loop that will show the misery, destruction, and devastation that the people of Ukraine have been facing for a year.

“We chose Letna for the projection because it is a symbolic place for key moments in Czech history, and people are used to coming here for important moments in modern history,” Štefan adds.

Other programs will take place at the Světozor cinema, where two documentaries will be screened on Thursday – A House Made of Splinters, which was nominated for an Oscar, and the new film Jaro v Buči. Additionally, the cinema will also host several debates.

People in Need also invites you to an exhibition by photographer Albert Loress, entitled When War Comes to Your Home.

On Thursday afternoon at the Langhans Centre on Vodičkova street, visitors will be able to take a virtual reality look directly into the scene of the fighting in Ukraine.

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